Mikel-Jes Kicks Off MTC Premiership Awards

The MTC Namibia Premier League is the official football association of Namibia and their MTC Premiership Awards that took place on the 16th of June is an end-of-season awards ceremony that celebrates the football season and its top players. The much-hyped event had Mikel-Jes, a stage lighting, audio and audio-visual rental company based in Windhoek Namibia, supplying the full technical solution and with their use of Robe lighting fixtures they made the event a visual success.

The Namibian Safari Hotel & Court and Conference Centre served as the venue for the event and Mikel-Jes decked the conference hall out to provide great ambience and mood for the event. Mikel-Jes made use of its recent investment in 16 Robe LEDBeam 150s from DWR Distribution, the Robe distributor in South Africa, proving it to be a good move as the event was beautifully lit. “The Robe LEDBeam 150 has a good zoom effect, the beams and wash are great, and the smoothness of the fixtures is good too”, says Michael Vermeulen, the Managing Director of Mikel-Jes and the set designer for the event.

Along with the 16 Robe LEDBeam 150s Mikel-Jes used six Robe MiniPointes, 12 Robe LedBeam 100s, eight Pointes, eight Robe Spiiders and and four Robin LEDWash 300s. Along with the Robe lighting fixtures the event made use of 34 Longman Facepars to aid in setting the mood at the awards ceremony.

“The design and effects our client wanted us to achieve was an interesting challenge,” says Michael and judging from the success of the event in the Namibian Media Mikel-Jes met and pushed through that challenge. Michael says, “I hope that by our next event, we’ll have even more Robe fixtures to play with”, of his company’s investment and happiness in Robe fixtures.

The Mikel-Jes Team