Love is all you need! Musa on the road to recovery!

Bongumusa Masondo


When Bongumusa Masondo, a Durban technician, was in a serious motorbike accident on the 9thAugust, a rally of angels, led by Tina Le Roux, stood behind him. Within a month, over R63 000 has been raised and the DWR Distribution’s SOS Charity fund were pleased to assist with an additional R10 000 which was deposited into the nursing home. Today, 5thSeptember marked a joyous occasion as Musa was released from the Addington Hospital in Durban to the nursing care home in Hillcrest.

Musa broke his right leg and shattered his right arm and the road to recovery will include wound care, crutches, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Crowd Funding hopes to help Musa recover and assist with expenses while he cannot earn money himself. Meanwhile Tina le Roux, a lighting designer and production manager at the Sneddon Theatre, has worked tirelessly to ensure he is as comfortable and happy as possible. She put together a roster to ensure he has visitors at the hospital who at the same time would encourage him to move and get out of bed. She set up the fundraising campaign and managed to draw in donations across the world to assist with rehabilitation costs.  When it was Musa’s birthday on the 3rdSeptember, she made sure that it was remembered!

After a month of being hospitalized, Musa was released for his next stretch of restoration. “I was moved to tears again today by this huge step forward,” said Tina. “At the nursing home he will receive physiotherapy three times a week, he is secure and will be well looked after by 24 hour nursing care for his wounds. It is a beautiful home where his accommodation is suited to getting better and the food is wonderful.  Today is really day one of proper healing. Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart.”

Musa has certainly crept into the hearts of many people in Durban. “He is a freelance flyman / crew on all my major Kickstart theatre shows during the year and he also works closely with Greg King on set construction/painting and props making,” said Tina. “Musa works frequently with Dark Horse Productions as a freelancer and I’m not exaggerating when saying that he is the backbone in my technical team.”

It has been said, by Greg King of the Kickstart Theatre, that when Musal laughs at a joke, you can’t help laughing with him.  “His skill set and knowledge of theatre craft has increased as quickly as I am losing my marbles, which makes him an indispensable member of our tiny team,” said Greg. “I can’t imagine how we’ll manage in the workshop, unless he makes a full and speedy recovery.”

Everybody agrees, Musa has to come home.


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