Kling-Net Tile is available on the App and Android Store


Waterloo, BE – July 2017  – LED Lighting for everyone!  Kling-Net is a revolutionary plug-and-play protocol for easy operation of LED devices. ArKaos provide the free application to experience the benefits of Kling-Net protocol.

ArKaos brand new very  own Android and IOS App: meet Kling-Net Tile, the app, converting your smartphone or tablet into a LED tile and available for you to play with, for **FREE**.  Kling-Net protocol, in combination with ArKaos software (LED Master, GrandVJ XT and MediaMaster), provides a plug and play connection to LED devices of all sorts. Our compatibility matrix is on our website.



1.Download Kling-Net Tile App on your phone:

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Kling_Net_Tile_Android&hl=en

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1239458882

2.Download Demo Version of all ArKaos Software (All compatible Mac/PC):

LEDMaster: http://www.arkaospro.com/software/ledmaster/downloads

MediaMaster: http://www.arkaospro.com/software/mediamaster-pro/download

GrandVJ XT: http://vj-dj.arkaos.net/grandvj-xt/downl


About ArKaos PRO

ArKaos PRO division has taken the professional video market by storm since its formation in early 2013. This part of ArKaos, which was founded in 1996, ArKaos PRO services the large-scale, professional-level show and lighting projects which dominate ArKaos’ client base worldwide. ArKaos PRO software products and media servers deliver blistering performance in speed, effects and manipulation of simultaneous high-definition videostreams.

Leading lighting and stage designers use ArKaos PRO products to create fantastic visual projections on video screens and LED walls at concerts, theatres, churches and clubs. Rental companies love the product range for its tour-tested stability!
More information on ArKaos MediaMaster Pro and other ArKaos media server and video software can be found on our website at www.arkaospro.com where you can also find your nearest ArKaos dealer.

Kling-Net Tile is available on the App and Android Store