DWR’s Trolley

Simon Ndlovu from DWR with his newly manufactured trolley.


DWR are always super proud of our manufacturing department for all the clever items they make. While the team, headed by Rob Young and Keith Pugin, is known in the industry for custom-made walkways, pulleys, curtain tracks and lighting bars, their latest design is a handy trolley.

“Our internal stores team requested a trolley to help them carry boxes,” said Rob Young. “The steel trolley measures 1m x 600mm, enabling it to fit through a standard door. The flat bottom surface is made out of plywood and is perfect for loading items onto.” Robust wheels will ensure longevity.

While the trolley is brand new, it’s already receiving praise. “The trolley has made a difference to me,” said Simon Ndlovu. “I don’t have to physically carry things now, it steers well and I see it helping me with my everyday work.”

For more information, contact sales@dwrdistribution.co.za