DWR’s service on Absen LED panels

DWR’s Bruce Riley and Derrick Kruger


South African based DWR Distribution is one of the few companies that can repair Absen LED panels locally, right down to component level.

“Derrick Kruger, our workshop manager, changes out LEDs and repairs the boards,” explains Bruce Riley of DWR. “Having worked on various panels over the years, it’s similar technology. It’s also more affordable than sending panels back to the supplier when they are damaged.”

While Absen is a highly reliable brand, accidents can and do happen, such as panels being mistakenly knocked or chipped during an event. When this happens, Absen clients have peace of mind knowing that DWR has their backs with service and support.

Said Derrick Kruger, “It’s precise and detailed work, and needs a steady hand and a lot of patience. However, depending on the amount of damage, it is normally fixable.”

Bruce Riley and the service team have also worked on many Absen installations, increasing their knowledge and skills in fault-finding, which, in turn, enables clients to have a user-friendly experience.