DWR and SARA Team Up Again for AV

From the first training session held at SARA, DWR had asked the students what they would like to be taught and what would be a value-added skill that they could use for their future careers. Their completely uniform answer was that they wanted to be taught of AudioVisual, AV. 

There is a huge interest in AV and its growing place in the market and the students of SARA are aware of this and voiced their enthusiasm for an AV course. DWR had decided to make good on their promise of listening to feedback by sending Dylan Jones to deliver an AV 101.  

The course was compiled by Dylan and he had to balance the theoretical and the practical, which served both as a challenge and point of interest from him because AV is a very technical subject.  

The students got an introduction to AV with its history and importance in the industry and after that they were emerged in an Audio-Visual learning experienceThe theory comprised of the cables used, inputs and outputs, media servers, codecs, projection and later a LED screen course by Schalk Botha from DWR 

After a thorough theory crash course Dylan had them each set up a system that covered all the theory work they had done. With each student getting great hands on experience and invaluable theory they were more than pleased with the outcome of the course provided by DWR.  

DWR and SARA knows the growing place that AV has in the marketplace and wants to ensure that this growth in demand is met with a supply of great technical operators which is why training plays such a pivotal role in shaping the future of this industry here in South Africa.