Dream Sets invest in Vectorworks 2018

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South African staging and set company, Dream Sets, have invested in Vectorworks 2018 Design Software, purchased from DWR Distribution. Vectorworks 2018 delivers a wide range of industry-specific tools to help save time and deliver exceptional results. Mauritz Jacobs, lighting designer at Dream Sets, gives feedback on the software.


Why did you choose Vectorworks?

As a lighting designer, I have been using Vectorworks since 2014. Vectorworks has all the needed built-in features that I need to create and manipulate plans from start to finish (set and technical wise). Vectorworks, in my opinion, should be owned by every lighting designer to create desired designs.


What do you like about the software?

Vectorworks has always been at the top of design programs. It makes it very easy, and more importantly very fast, to create designs. It is a very user-friendly program which makes it easy to learn and to operate.

How will it help you with your work?

As you know our industry is a very fast paced industry and time is not always on our side. With the new Vectorworks 2018 they have really gone out of their way to make it as easy and quick as possible to get designs out in limited time. Once you know your way around it, it’s easy to do large designs in a limited time period. Also, the set side of the program has many new features like the event design which speeds designing up on another level.

Have you worked on the new software and what are your thoughts?

I have been working on it since we bought the 2018 release towards the end of last year. I really love it and the extra added features are just phenomenal. I would suggest that more designers look into this software as I believe they are doing everything right in the way of designing sets and technical setups.

*Vectorworks has recently released Braceworks™. The Braceworks™ add-on for Vectorworks Spotlight and Designer provides design, production, and rigging professionals with an easy way to gauge the performance of temporary structures under load. This one-of-a-kind module ensures safety and compliance with engineering codes and standards, creating a completely integrated modelling, analysis, and documentation process in one interface. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCR7Dacg6q4

For more information, contact Dylan Jones at DWR at 011 794 5023 or e-mail him at dylan@dwrdistribution.co.za or visit http://www.vectorworks.net/en/2018