Baxter Theatre Upgrades with Robe Spiiders


The Baxter Theatre Centre, Cape Town

The Baxter Theatre Centre is a venue with a rich history that locals are proud of.  There is a history and pedigree that is attached to the theatre that further embeds it into our hearts. The complex was built by the University of Cape Town in 1977 at the bequest of Dr Duncan Baxterand has been used prominently to exhibit the best performing arts as well as giving young artists, theatre-makers and students a voice and platform to perform.  

The expertise created and nourished at this proudly South African institutionmeans that it uses the best equipment in order to perform at its peak.  It goes beyond emulating worldclass entertainment and offers world class quality on all productions staged at the Baxter. This commitment to quality was the reason that the Baxter decided to invest in five Robe Spiider LED WashBeam luminaires for effect lighting.  

“Originally they were intended for use as a permanent front light in one of our venues,” says Marisa Steenkamp, from the Baxter Theatre Centrebut the high functionality of the fixtures convinced us to move them to the Main Theatre to use the effects.” 

The Robe Spiider is an LED WashBeam lighting fixture that is the most powerful in its class using 18 40 Watt L and a single 60 Watt LEDs. This moving light is perfect for stage effects as each pixel can be controlled with smooth transitions. 

 The Robe Spiider fixture perfectly suits the needs of the Baxter in their quest to ensure great quality for local shows, and the Spiiders first theatrical experience was for Aunty Merle, the Musical. Aunty Merle is a beloved South African character from the comedic mind of Marc Lottering and the Spiider was there to help the audience laugh and cry. Theatre is a sensual experience and the Baxter Theatre ensures the senses are treated with their investment in Robe.