Gareth Chambers
Head of Support & Training

Gareth Chambers

Gareth Chambers provides MA Support as well as heading the Training Department at DWR. He offers general product support, carries out demonstrations and regularly presents training courses. Joining DWR in February 2012, Gareth is a respected and much loved member of the team.

Past experience saw him working at AV Tech for nine years where he was in charge of the Lighting Department and managed the crew, and then after freelancing for a short period, he joined DWR. “I enjoyed the lighting aspect of a show and the creativity involved,” he said. “But it’s good to be in an environment that’s a bit more structured.”

Technical backing and service is one of the main priorities at DWR. Gareth has attended training at MA Lighting in Germany which covered MA Networking and the MA Network Switch, Fixture Library tips and tricks, grandMA2 Macros, VPU and MA3D with real world examples of getting the most out of these products, and product management and software development.

Since 2012 Gareth had worked closely with Nick Britz, a former member of DWR  who was known for his passion for MA and who relocated to the UK in January 2017. “For five years, I was Nick’s understudy, and prior to his leaving, underwent intensive one-on-one training with him,” said Gareth. “I am confident and enjoy the challenge of being able to help the guys in the industry with service and support. It’s really nice to have the responsibility of being the first point of contact and I’m up for the task. MA is constantly evolving which means there is never stagnation and always something new.”

Nothing is too big or too difficult for Gareth, and with his lovely attitude, clients are made to feel comfortable and know they are in good hands.

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