Randall Olsen
General Manager

Randall Olsen

Randall Olsen, General Manager, joined DWR in 2011 and has a passion of putting systems in place on order to fine tune the day to day running of the company.

Randall’s background includes 20 years in the technical service environment and a further 23 years in retail.

In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, shooting and Radio Control Aero Modelling, not just flying but also building airplanes. “I do everything from start to finish,” smiles Randall, who is both practical and sensible, in most cases except for his grandchildren! Who really have the ability to turn his heart into mush!

Randal has been kind enough to share some of his life’s adventures with colleagues at the office, and he is always available to lend a helpful ear.

E-Mail : randall@dwrdistribution.co.za