Lee Baird
Marketing Coordinator

Lee Baird is the  Marketing Coordinator at DWR Distribution and joined the company in February 2017.

Lee is no stranger to the industry. She worked alongside her partner, Rob Young, at Theatre and Studio, for six years, during this time visiting various theatres in the country and maintaining the day to day running of the office.  “Working with Rob was the best part of the job,” smiles Lee. “And it’s great to work alongside side him once again at DWR.”  Over the years I have met the most amazing people in the industry.

Lee is positioned in the marketing department and you will meet her on Facebook as she adds new posts and news. She is instrumental in helping to arrange projects like Mediatech, fundraisers for the SOS Charity fund and ensuring the industry have t-shirts to wear!

E-Mail : lee@dwrdistribution.co.za