Bradley Bruchhausen
Cape Town Representative

Bradley Bruchhausen

When DWR Distribution opened the Cape Town  branch in January 2014, Bradley Bruchhausen joined the team to run the office and assist with sales and support and has since been a wonderful member of the DWR family.

Before moving into our new premises.I operated out of my flat in Bree Street, my neighbours loved to hear the sound of flight cases rolling down the corridors.  first gig was lighting the stages at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in 2014 – a bitter sweet moment as it was the first and the last time I would have the privilege.

I manage the Cape Town branch and handle everything from cleaning the office to sales, installations, some training, repairs now and then, technical on-site support and demo’s.  I really enjoy solving problems with people and training people on consoles.

My wife and I have a baby girl who has stolen our hearts.  I do miss sleeping in on the weekend though.

I am learning to fly drones with a thought to pursue some drone aided photography.

I also collect vinyl records and skeet shooting are some of the hobbies I manage to find time for now and then.

I would like to grow the Cape Town branch, finding time to be more active outdoors and play more golf!

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