Solid Rock use 24 Robe BMFLs at FNB Stadium

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It’s what everyone had been waiting for, to finally see Robe BMFLs at the FNB Stadium in Nasrec, Johannesburg, the largest venue in Africa with a capacity close to 95 000. Here Daimler Trucks & Buses staged The Greatest Show on Earth where Solid Rock Event Technical were the preferred technical supplier.


“We had 24 BMFLs, the first fixtures I booked when I knew I was awarded the job,” said Keith Mac Intyre, owner of Solid Rock.


The event had various sections to it and the stadium was the last part of the sequence. “Basically it was a client expo showcasing new products, and for Daimler, to thank clients for their business over the past year.”


While Solid Rock provided the display and sound for the day time exhibition, Keith conceptualised the mind blowing finale, which included sound, lighting, video and display, pyro and even sky divers.


“The Robe BMFLs were spread and positioned on the floor of each tiered seating area from the bottom to the top, 6, 6, 4, 8,” Keith explained. The show was further enhanced with 36 Philips Vari *Lite VLX Wash luminaires, 36 Philips Vari *Lite VL 3000 Spots, 24 Clay Paky Sharpy for beam work, 14 Robe Robin Pointes and five Le Maitre MVS Hazers.

Kurt du Preez of Pan Tilt was the lighting designer, while Gary Sam, a freelancer, operated and programmed, also assisting with the design.


“Climaxes to the show were the skydivers, then pyro, lighting then video and sound. Pretty much in that order,” said Keith. “From conceptualisation I knew that not one element would work without the other as this was not a typical show with performances; it was pure technical. I wanted to do something different from most, where technical was the highlight. So bearing this in mind, even though people spoke of specific elements that stood out for them, not one would be a high point without the other ingredients complementing it. From a show perspective the lighting was 70% of the visual aspect.”


The Greatest Show on Earth ran over five nights, and was an intimate production with a maximum of one hundred guests invited per evening.


“It’s great to see Keith grow and doing high profile gigs,” commented Duncan Riley from DWR Distribution, Robe supplier in Africa. “This boy work, he never stops, and it just goes to show that hard work pays off.”