Anolis architectural lighting for Hollard

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The Hollard Insurance Group, South Africa’s largest privately owned insurance group, has invested in low consumption Anolis LED lighting to enhance the exterior signage at the Hollard Campus, a landmark property situated in Parktown, Johannesburg.

HKLM were the Brand Agency of the upgrade and commissioned DWR Distribution to install eight Anolis ArcPad 48 RGBW Integral Fixtures to illuminate four Hollard signs.

This was Grant Joubert’s first lighting assignment as the new Architectural Sales Consultant at DWR.


The project consisted of two separate buildings, each with their own balcony. Each balcony was equipped with two Anolis ArcPad 48 fixtures which had to produce a 5m throw to reach a Hollard sign mounted on the opposite building.

As the balconies experience a lot of foot traffic, Grant and his team came up with an idea to manufacture colour-coded enclosures to match the building’s exterior. “The main challenge we faced was making the lights blend in with their surroundings,” said Grant.

The remaining four fixtures were mounted on custom designed light poles located in the garden. These unites were required to produce a 15m throw.


Thanks to the different optical lens options from Anolis, the units on the balcony were fitted with a medium spread lens, while those in the garden used a narrow beam lens.

A DMX cable ran between the fixtures, connecting them to a controller. Control was via Nicolaudi SLESA-UE7. “With this controller we were able to offer the client options from astronomical time clocks to specific time clock functions during the year. This means we can run the lights from sunrise to sunset during all the seasons of the year without the need of an adjustment every time the seasons change. We are also able to offer the client the ability to change the color presets according to the different days of the year such as a red and white output for Valentines or green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.


The install took three days. “What was really interesting was the time the programming took,” said Grant. “ With the ease of the Nicolaudie software, it was extremely simple to set the lights up along with the timed functions we were given.”

He ends, “The ArcPad 48s are amazing in the fact that they use 48 x 1w Luxeon Rebel LEDs (RGBW). Along with the consumption of the power the fixture at 100% intensity draws a mere 60 watts of power, which is only 0.2 Amps per fixture.”


The ArcPad 48 has been designed to produce a range of rich saturated colours and colour changing effects as well as the full range of white light for wall-washing, spot lighting, and many architectural lighting applications. Remote power and electronics mean ArcPad 48 can be installed with confidence in the most inaccessible installations.The ArcPad 48s are IP 67 Rated, are designed for outdoors and have a minimum LED life expectancy of 88 000 hours with a five year warrantee.